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China and Japan now rank 2nd and 3rd respectively in GDP, behind only that of United States.  Adding Korea’s 12th ranking, the three countries in northeast Asia block rival the US economy in global scale.  And the growth is poised to only accelerate.  According to standard chartered’s GDP forecast for 2020, China will be No.1 followed by India (3rd), Japan (4th) and Indonesia (10th). In short time, Asia markets will matter significantly more than ever in the world economic stage.
The enormous investments by governmental agencies both in US and european countries have helped propel the development of novel, proprietary products generating billions in revenue.  Biotech / healthcare innovation has had a major influence on new drug development, diagnostics, medical device, nutraceuticals and cosmetics.  Advances in Information technology are also driving the convergence of IT / healthcare products.  Asia is no exception to this trend.
is heavily intertwined, and is quickly becoming a force shaping the global economy in recent years. Medivate will actively participate this trend by leveraging deep local research and operating experience for promising life science investments in Asia pacific region.